Catalog 3 (Australia Only)

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Blouse-Hanging Sleeves Style-Solid Chocolate Satin with Appliques made of Real Ulos and Batik Tulis, Laced and Beaded #118 (N/A)
Cardigan or Tuxedo Kebaya or Kebaya Selatan-Black Satin with Appliques of Batik Tulis, Laced and Big Handcraft Brooch #119 (NA)
Dress-Combination of Orange Satin N Batik Plankan in Soft Paris Cotton, two little brooches on shoulders and beaded #120 (N/A)
Dress-Sleeves-Parang Kusumo Batik’s Rich Cotton, Laced and has a handcraft brooch #121
Dress-Sleeves-Black Solid Satin with Batik Appliques, Laced and Full Beaded #122 (N/A)
Cardigan-Combination of Black Premium Cerutty N Batik Plankan Laseman, Full Laced with Handcraft Brooch #123 (N/A)
Blouse-Batik Prada’s Satin, Laced and Beaded #124 (N/A) & Skirt- Yellow Solid Satin #125 (N/A)
Blouse-Sleeves-Papuan Batik’s Satin with Laces #126 (N/A) & Skirt- White Solid Satin #127 (N/A)
Skirt-Yellow Solid Satin #125 & Blouse-Babydoll Style-Combination of Plain Gold Satin N Batik Plankan, Laced #128
Blouse-Hanging Sleeves Style-Combination of Black Plain N Batik Parang Pari, Appliques, Laced (wide laces at the bottom) #129 (N/A)