Catalog 22 (Australia Only)

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Set Kebaya Ardinarasti-Batik Prada-Sateen Combination Top, Reversable, Full Lace Trims & Tie Skirt + Selendang with wide lace trims #280 (N/A)
Set Kebaya Kartini with Wiron Pleated Skirt, Batik Sateen, Beaded Top, Lace Trims and Brooch-Button #281 (N/A)
Set Babydoll Top with Tie Skirt, Batik Sateen. The Tie Skirt comes with a ring. The top has lace trims #282 (N/A)
Set Sateen Top and Sateen Tie Skirt. The top is batik prada, lace trims and brooch+ring. The tie skirt comes with a ring #283
Set Blue Batik Sateen Top with Blue Sateen Tie Skirt. The top is combination batik prada, lace trims, brooch and ring. Skirt has a ring #284