Catalog 2 (Australia only)

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Long dress-Drapery Style-Combination of two floral chiffons-laces and three handcraft brooches #109
Blouse-Army Solid Satin-Sleeves, Laces #110 (N/A)
Blouse-Black Solid Satin-Sleeves & Laces #111 (N/A)
Blouse-Stally Style-Combination of Black Plain N Batik Sulur Satin-Laces and handcraft brooch-button #112 (N/A)
Blouse-Hanging Sleeves Sabrina’s Style-Combination of Plain Grey N Organdy #113 (N/A)
Blouse-Combination of Plain Black N Batik Hong’s Satin-Ring, Applique, Lace and Beads #114 (N/A)
Blouse-Combination of Soft Pink Plain N Parang Batik’s Satin-Ring, Lace, Handcraft Brooch #115 (N/A)
Blouse-Cape-Black Brocade-Beads and Handcraft brooch-button #116 (N/A)
Blouse-Stally Style-Combination of Black Plain N Bunga Mas Batik’s Satin-Laces and Handcraft brooch-button #117 (N/A)