Catalog 17 (Australia Only)

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Pleated Skirt/Sarong-Maroon Batik-Waist 110 cm, Hip up to 125cm #162
Pleated Skirt/Sarong-Dusty Pink Parang-Parang, Waist 110 cm and Hip 125 cm. #163 (N/A)
Pleated Skirt/Sarong-Brown Floral Batik, Wast 110cm and Hip 125 cm. #165
Pleated Skirt/Sarong-Yellow Batik, Waist 110 cm, Hip up to 125 cm. #242
Pleated Skirt/Sarong-Blue . Waist 110 cm, Hip 125 cm. #243
Pleated Skirt/Sarong-Red Floral Batik. Waist 110 cm. Hip 125 cm. #244 (N/A)
Pleated Skirt/Sarong-Lavender Floral Batik. Waist 119 cm. Hip 125 cm. #245 (N/A)
Set Pleated Skirt/Sarong-Grey Parang-Has a wiron. Waist 110cm. Hip 125cm. Kebaya-Tuxedo/Selatan-White Chantelly Lace, #246 (N/A)
Set-Pleated Skirt/Sarong-Sidomukti and Red Cornelly Kebaya Tuxedo/Selatan #247 (N/A)
Pleated Skirt/Sarong with Wiron. Has a nuance of Green. Waist 110cm. Hip 125cm #248 (N/A)
Pleated Skirt/Sarong with Wiron. Brown Gold Batik. Waist 110cm. Hip 125cm. #249